Since many people would like to fill capsules with powders, particles at home, here we provide some suggestions when using manual capsule filling machines.

  • Particles with good fluidity are good for filling. The shape of the particles should be rounded to avoid the appearance of long, irregularly shaped particles.
  • When placing the encapsulation plate with cap plate/body plate, using the stainless-steel pegs to fix it correctly into place.
  • If caps(longer part)/bodies(shorter part) are sitting in holes upside down, the direction is needed to be adjusted in time.
  • When filling the powder, if the amount is insufficient, the body plate can be shaken and then fill the powder again. Another way is to remove the powder guard and use the tamping tool to compress the fillings, and then fill the powder again.
  • The pressure applied during the filling process should be uniform to make the volume of each capsule accurate.
  • After the capsule plate is cleaned, rinse it with pure water and dry it naturally. Drying in an oven is strictly prohibited.
  • The capsule filling machine after drying should be stored well.manual capsule filler