When we use machines for production work, what we value is the operating efficiency of the machine to bring us the output. And don't forget, as long as the machine is running, the operator must maintain it. Just like the human body, we need to maintain and care for it! The purpose of daily maintenance of machinery and equipment is to ensure that they are in good operating condition, to extend the service life of them, and to avoid unnecessary safety accidents due to mechanical failures.

There are numerous reasons why machine maintenance and cleaning is an important consideration for managers.


When a machine fails due to lack of equipment maintenance, it can mean severe lost productivity and ultimately lost profits.

The correct way isregular machine cleaning and maintenance can minimize machine breakdowns and reduce financial impact.


Common problems with machinery include rusted parts, blockages and build-up of sludge, which all represent a potential risk of injury and impact on our safety.

The correct way isto carry out the maintenance of the machine, to deal with the defects and failures of the equipment in time, and to avoid injury or more serious problems.


Because of the importance of cleaning and maintenance, each machine is equipped with corresponding equipment operating instructions, equipment cleaning and maintenance instructions, etc.

The correct way is➡the operator of the machine should follow the corresponding instructions to ensure the normal and efficient operation of the machine.